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Tire Leaks, Tire replacement, Balancing, Rotation, Brakes, Car Audio, Wheer Repair, Oil Changes.

Automotive Services

Uresti Tire n Wheels can do more than just tires and wheels!

 We offer a wide assortment of services to keep your car tuned up and running down the road.

Repair Tire Leaks and Flats
Tire Balancing
Tire Rotation

Tire Leaks

Slow leaks can cause headaches after constantly trying to air them back up - let Uresti Tire N Wheel patch your tire! Most tire punctures in the belted area of the tire can be plugged to extend the life of a tire. Please keep in mind that a puncture in the sidewall of a tire may not be possible to repair safely, and we recommend against it.


Excessive vibration while driving can be a sign of tires that are out of balance. Uresti Tire can rebalance your vehicles tires so you can experience the most comfortable driving experience possible.


Rotating your tires from one position of your vehicle to another to ensure even tire wear. By rotating your tires, you can extend the lifetime of their performance life, and ensure a smoother riding vehicle.

Wheel Repair
Brakes - Replace worn brake pads and rotors
Car Audio - Install Custom Sound System

Wheel Repair

If you have a damaged wheel, Uresti can refinish them to look good as new. In most cases, scratches and chipped wheels can be filled, then refinished and sanded to look as if nothing had ever happened. You'll be surprised by the results!


Please inquire on turnaround times.



Changing your brakes before the break pads are excessively worn will prevent damage to your brake rotors, and save you a bundle in parts and labor. Uresti Tire N Wheels can inspect your brakes for wear and make suggestions about service.

Car Audio

If you are looking to upgrade the sound system in your vehicle, Uresti Tire N Wheel offers a full service of installation, wiring, and adjusting speakers and other audio equipment. See our Car Audio Section for more information on how we can help improve your sound.